Zimbabwe- The Coup De Grace(less)

I trust everyone is well and in good spirits?  Today’s blog is about Zimbabwe! It wasn’t very hard to decide what to write about today as all of the news feeds are waxing lyrical about Zimbabwe’s political climate.

Zimbabwe has been ruled with an iron fist for 37 years by Robert Mugabe. He is also known as “Uncle Bob” and has run Zimbabwe in a dictatorial fashion with dire consequences. Incidentally, Bob is Africa’s most educated President and allegedly the world’s educated president with 7 actual academic agrees and 11 Honorary degrees ranging from Law to economics, including a Masters of Economics from the University of London.

Where did it all go wrong?

Africa’s bread basket, thus named since it was one of the most prosperous countries in Afric,a started a land reform in 2000 and forcibly took the land from the British farmers by force and genocide and was given to former war veterans and comrades. Sanctions were placed on Zimbabwe and the farming came to a halt. Zimbabwe’s economy crashed with a bang and people were using wheelbarrows of money to buy bread.

Despite the dire straits Zimbabwe was in, Bob was stubborn and refused to give into the demands of the countries who placed sanctions on Zimbabwe. Those who opposed Bob were tortured or met an untimely death under suspicious circumstances. Elections were rigged and there was a mass exodus of Zimbabwean seeking asylum in neighbouring countries and the UK.

The majority of Zimbabweans were patiently awaiting his demise, either by miracle or death and it seems like they finally got their prayers answered. Bob’s notorious wife, Grace AKA “Gucci Grace”, was the cog in the wheel who inadvertently set the ball rolling. Grace or Graceless as she is also known, has been the driving force behind Mugabe’s arbitrary decisions and has had her eye on the presidential seat for quite some time. She has been attempting to garner support surreptitiously for her presidential ambitions. This was an open secret as everyone predicted she would attempt to replace Bob.

On the 8th of November he fired the deputy president, Emmerson Mnangagwa stating that Gucci Grace will take his place as president. Soon After his announcement, army tanks were seen heading into the capital Harare and everyone suspected a military coupe. The army denied any such thing and insisted that they that they were dealing with criminals affiliated with Bob, and that Mugabe was safe. It was then announced that Mugabe and Grace were under house arrest and a few ministers in cahoots with his wife were arrested. They negotiated with Mugabe to step down and in turn they will grant him immunity from prosecution.

Everyone in Zimbabwe sat in bated breath while the saga unfolded and some dared to hope for the dawn of a new era. One must only take to Twitter and Facebook and see the comments and posts or Zimbabweans at home and abroad.  They seem semi- excited at the prospect of having a new leader. I use the word semi-excited as they don’t want to count their chickens before they hatch as many of them were doubtful that Bob will actually go gracefully.

They were right! Mugabe reneged on his word to step down and is now insisting that he is the legal President of Zimbabwe.   A stalemate has been reached and the Army have given Mugabe until today to step down peacefully. If he does not agree, they will fire him on Monday and impeach him on Tuesday. The fired deputy president will replace him as an interim present, until the dust settles and they can hold elections. Exciting times ahead for Zimbabwe and I wish all of the best for them.