Recruitment Agencies

With over 15 years’ experience in the industry, we are the perfect choice your contractors. Our services are beneficial to recruitment agencies by ensuring local compliance and minimising risks. Our services benefit contractors by maximising their earnings while providing legally compliant solutions. We also offer Work Visa solutions to 3 European Countries (UK, Holland and Sweden) and over 20 African Countries. Please have a look at our Global Outreach tab for Solutions in Africa.

Uniglo Financial is an established supplier to a number of quality recruitment agencies and we aim to become the preferred supplier to many more. To date, we have placed over 600 contractors globally for Recruitment companies in various industries.

The Uniglo solution is to provide the contractors with legal, tax efficient and compliant solutions in any country they are domiciled by utilising Uniglo Financial products. We considerably reduce the administrative burden on the contractors by giving them a “one stop shop”, therefore allowing them to focus on their work. This also allows, you the Recruiter; to focus on your core skills as we will provide a designated Project Manager to facilitate all procedures from start to finish.

If you are placing contractors abroad then please contact us and we will speak to your candidate and provide them with a comprehensive proposal within 24 hours. We will keep you updated at every stage.