Uniglo Financial offers a unique service in Payroll, Accounting, Tax & Immigration advice to corporate organizations & individuals working abroad. Our staff have been in the industry for over 10 years we can demonstrate the value added benefit of working with a company like Uniglo Financial beyond recognition.

Our services include:

  • Free Tax & Social advice to contractors & corporate clients on how we can make your life easier by taking away the headaches of working abroad.


  • Immigration – We are able to assist with Visas, Work permits & residence permits. We partner with local service providers to ensure that all certificates are issued on &me.


  • Local Registrations – We assist contractors with local registrations to ensure they are working compliantly in the country of work, these include tax, social security & residence permits.


  • Tax & Social security advice – Our tailor-­‐made solutions ensure contractors are retaining the most of their hard earned money in a compliant manner.


  • Responsive – Uniglo Financial understands that you want professional and immediate attention. We respond to your queries by e-­‐ mail or phone and provide you with comprehensive guidance and assistance. We also allocate an individual account manager to ensure you are looked after continuously.