Mauritania- A brief history and guide

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I am coming to terms with the fact that we were all lamenting about January being the longest month in the year and yet here we are: we have passed the halfway mark with January a mere distant memory.

I am trying to figure out the reasons for time ticking by at breakneck speed and the only conclusion I can come to; is that our lives have become so busy that there is no longer the time to ponder about time. Busy is a good thing though! Uniglo have been very industrious due to our expansion in other African countries as well as Australia. (More on Australia soon).

We can now add Mauritania to our repertoire of countries and we are really stoked as we have been seeking a working business model there for some time. Mauritania is the 11thlargest country in Africa and is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on the left. The capital is Nouakchott and Mauritania’s most populated city with 4.6 million people residing there. Much of Mauritania encompasses the Sahara Desert and the conditions are harsh and untenable.

Progress has been slow in Mauritania; however, they are rich in natural resources such as copper, iron ore, gold, gypsum, phosphates, diamonds and oil. There has been improvement in facilities, however, they lack the skills to oversee the projects and rely heavily on expat staff to fulfil various roles.  The main expat industry is in the Engineering fields such as Water, Electricity, Power generation, mining and Telecoms. #

The world bank Board of Executive Directors has approved $30 million in International Development Association (IDA) credits to support the government of Mauritania’s efforts to strengthen telecommunications connectivity through expansion of fiber-optic broadband networks.The investments are expected to expand access, improve quality and reliability of voice and Internet communications, serve as the backbone for greater private sector investment in ICT services and dramatically drive down costs, a statement issued by the bank noted. It also seeks to bridge connectivity gaps between 16 West African countries and with the rest of the world.

There are also plans in the pipeline for energy creation (Solar Farms) and a water plant.

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