Uniglo Financial can provide a comprehensive range of payroll services in Switzerland. Any foreign individual working in Switzerland is taxed at source.

The deductions are made and paid by the employer on a monthly basis to the tax authorities. Tax is due at both federal and cantonal levels. In certain cantons there may also be an optional church tax.


Anyone who works during his/her stay in Switzerland or who remains in Switzerland for longer than three months requires a permit. Residence permits are issued by the Cantonal Migration Offices. A distinction is made between short-term residence permits (less than 1 year), annual residence permits (limited) and permanent residence permits (unlimited).

Tax residency

  • If they are working in Switzerland,
  • If, their main home or centre of economic interests is in Switzerland on a permanent or temporary basis

Income Tax bands

Income taxes are different from Canton to Canton, below some rates on a few cantons :

  • 16.06% in Geneva for a salary of CHF 100’000,
  • 9.54% in Zürich for a salary of CHF 100’000,
  • 16.16% in Basel for a salary of CHF 100’000.

Social Security

  • approximately 11.45% for employer contribution
  • approximately 7.70% for employee contribution

How much will I take home?

Please contact our Swiss specialist who will discuss your personal circumstances with you and help you to minimise your tax and social security liabilities, within the bounds of Swiss legislation.