Uniglo Financial can provide a comprehensive range of Umbrella solutions in Russia. The individual is treated as an employee of our local partnering company, we assist with the application for HQS permit.


Introduced in June 2010, the new procedure has been widely – and successfully – used by most internationals operating in Russia. It is truly a breakthrough in Russia’s bureaucratic immigration procedures.

Who is eligible for the HQS work permit and visa? Russian law answers quite simply. An HQS is a foreign national who is an employee, officially on a Russian payroll, and whose annual income exceeds 2,000,000 RUR (=72,000 USD or 50,000 euros).

Advantages of the HQS work permit

  • Valid for up to three years
  • Issued for three years at once. No visa extension is required
  • Complete process takes 15 business days (versus four months for standard work-permit acquisition)
  • No quota
  • No corporate work permit required
  • No medical tests required
  • No registration required for up to 90 days of stay upon arrival in Russia. The same applies to family members
  • 13% income tax payable (versus 30% in the case of the standard work permit)
  • Eligible to apply for Russian residence permit (for employee and family members)
  • HQS issued for several regions in Russia (versus the standard work permit, which is valid for one region only)
  • Smooth and quick renewal process upon expiry: 14 business days, and minimum list of documents

Tax residency

Personal income tax is levied on resident and non-resident individuals, whether or not
they are citizens of the Russian Federation. Individuals are considered to be resident
if they spend more than 183 days in Russia in a calendar year. Residents are subject
to income tax on their worldwide income and non-residents on their Russian-sourced
income only.

Income Tax rates

The personal income tax rate for residents is 13%. A special 35% rate is applied
to some kinds of income, e.g. the cost of any prizes and wins, voluntary insurance
proceeds, interest on certain bank deposits and deposits on foreign currency. A 9%
rate is applied to income in the form of dividends received from share holdings.

Social security

The social security rate for employers is 30%,up to an annual ceiling of RUR 512,000.
For income exceeding RUR 512,000 the rate is 10% .
Employees do not pay social security.

How much can I take home?

Please contact our Russian specialist who will discuss your personal circumstances with you and help you to get a HQS for Russia and  minimise your tax and social security liabilities, within the bounds of Russian legislation.