European Opportunities

Happy Sunday to all and thank you for reading my blog. We have exciting news on the horizon- our Uniglo footprint will expand to Australia from October onwards! Our plan is to provide HR services to Australia and eventually the South East.

However, this blog is not about Australia, but about Europe. I have decided to blog plug our European services as there seems to be a huge demand for payroll services on the Continent. We have seen an increase in requests for European Solutions since the UK’s Brexit announcement and I would like to highlight some of the countries and services we offer and why our services are beneficial.

At present, we provide services in the following European to the following countries:

Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Our payroll service offers tax compliance, salary payments for independent contractors and corporate companies alike. Whether you are expanding for the first time, engaging workers in one or multiple countries, Uniglo Financial has the proven expertise to get your workers up and running quickly and smoothly!

What we offer

With our employer of record services, we take on the challenges of getting your workers onboard. We will ensure that staff is paid timeously and when the time comes, offboarded-ensuring tax and employment eligibility documents are completed, payroll taxes are withheld, and allowances are provided for and managed.  We handle the complex steps and legal responsibilities of European worker engagement management-customized to each country’s requirements and your specific needs.

At present, we can only offer work permit assistance in the UK and Sweden, however, as 95% of contractors working in Europe are from the continent, there should not be many challenges with the freedom of movement amongst the EU countries as per the Treaty enshrined in Article 45

Who we are.

We can help companies handle all the challenges associated with foreign market entry. Our European Employer of record is designed to make hiring an employee in another country simple and cost- effective. The frontline of our business is being able to fully understand our clients and the markets as well as identifying changes and keeping up with industry innovations.

For any European queries, please feel free to contact us on