Uniglo Financial can provide a comprehensive range of payroll solutions in Africa. The individual is treated as an employee of our local partnering company.

It is important to use experienced local providers for Immigration, Payroll and Taxation to be sure of compliance and reliability. We will be able to assist you with: Contractors Tax and Work Visas for Freelancers to ensure that you comply with local regulations and maximise your net income.

The Uniglo solution is to provide the contractors with legal, tax efficient and compliant solutions in any country they are domiciled by using Uniglo Financial products. We considerably reduce the administrative burden on the contractors by giving them a “one stop shop”, therefore allowing them to focus on their work.

Advantages of out staffing services:

• Labor agreement will be concluded between the Employee and our local representative; so our local representative, will be wholly responsible in face of law and Employee;

• Uniglo Financial will calculate and pay to the local authorities, all appropriate taxes of the Employee and Uniglo Financial will be fully responsible for its timeliness and completeness.

• Our representative is a professional, compliant company which meets Labor inspection and local tax authority regulations.

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Please contact our sales team and we will be happy to send you a detailed proposal which highlights how much you should expect to take home.