Hiring an expat or local during Lockdown

While many industries have had to adjust their workforce and processes during lockdown, there are many sectors that are thriving such as Consumer goods, Telecommunications, E- commerce, Pharmaceuticals and Home Entertainment. These sectors primarily rely on other sectors to ensure the running of their business and one of the key industries keeping everything running smoothly are tech people.

At the initial point of the lockdown, there was a lull in hiring of Tech Industry staff, however, as businesses move to new models to accommodate the pandemic, there seems to be a rise in hiring of IT persons. I am referring to Software Developers, Solution Architects, System Integration specialists, Integrated Developers. Microsoft System Engineers and Network security specialists that are now key as companies create virtual online working systems and ecommerce increases their capabilities.

The only difference now is that these employees are being hired on a temporary basis from month to month contracts up to 6 months. In previous months, if companies could not find staff locally, they would engage with expat workers who would have to mobilise to another country to take up the position. What we are finding now is that many of these IT experts who were due to apply for work and residence permits before lockdown, are comfortably working remotely from their homes.

We have spoken to Key Managers working in ICT and Telecoms during the lockdown and they have said that they have faced minimum disruption from working remotely and have found that outside an office environment, people are actually being more productive. Whether this way of working will continue post Covid remains to be seen, however for now, it seems to be serving its purpose.

So now you have identified your preferred candidate for the job, but you do not want the hassle of extra HR duties and ensuring that each contractor acts within the labour laws of a particular country, what next? How do you navigate the laws and compliance of other countries when you do not have an entity there?

An employer of record or a Professional Employer organization would be the perfect solution for you. With our network of global partners, we can provide you with outsourced HR and payroll services in over 40 countries which leaves you free to focus on the core principles of your business. 

The process is very simple.

  1. Email the query to u2us@uniglo-financial.com
  2. We will provide a solution and quote within 24 hours.
  3. Upon acceptance of the quote, your company will send us the contract terms and details of the intended employees
  4. We reciprocate the terms contract and send it to the employee for signing.
  5. Once the contract is signed, the contractor is considered onboarded.
  6. Each contractor will have a designated CSM (Client Services Manager) who will assist with timesheets and payroll queries.
  7. Once we receive the timesheet, we will bill your company for the salary and pay the contractor as soon as the funds clear in our account.

If you require additional information regarding the types of services and countries we cover, please go to our new look website:  www.uniglo-financial.com.