Democratic Republic of Congo- Work Visa Process

Happy December readers! 2018 is trickling to an end in what seems like record time. Today I will be writing on how to secure a work permit in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Whilst the country is not known for stability, they have a thriving telecoms and mining industry. The DRC is one of the richest countries in natural resources and a force to be reckoned with. They have limitless water from the Congo River and an abundance of Coltan, Gold, Uranium, Copper, Tantalum and Oil. 

 The country is known by different name variations and if you call it any of the following, it is still correct: Zaire, DR Congo, DRC, DROC, Congo- Kinshasa or East Congo.  They have the 11thlargest country in the world and the 19thlargest in population. While Congo is not a known tourist hotspot, they have a vast expat workforce in the mining, telecoms and hydroelectricity industries. The DRC visa process can seem daunting as you need someone on the ground to apply on your behalf. 

Entry Visa or Business Visa

Securing a short-term visa in the DRC is relatively easy. All letters of invite for entry visas need to be stamped by the ministry of Immigration twice. It goes through two departments and once this letter has been stamped by both departments it is emailed to the applicant where the applicant needs to submit the letter of invite at the DRC embassy in their country of origin.  This visa can be requested for 1- 6 months.

Landing Visa                                              

If there is no DRC Embassy in one’s country, we can apply for a landing visa. The landing visa is an electronic authorisation issued at the Immigration office in Kinshasa. Once the letter is emailed, the applicant can print the letter and enter the DRC with this letter. This visa is only valid for 7 days and needs to be extended in the DRC. 

Work Visa

The work visa can only be applied for in the DRC. One needs to enter on a business visa and then we can convert the business visa to work permit. The applicant has to undergo a medical examination in the DRC (We can arrange this), before they apply for the work permit. The work visa is valid for 1 year only and can be renewed annually. 

No entity in the DRC? 

If you have been seconded from an International company who does not have a physical presence in Congo, you may use an umbrella company such as Uniglo to sponsor the work permit and become the “Employer of Record”.

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