Zambia-The Smoke that Thunders

Happy Friday to all our readers. Can you believe that there are only 6 more Fridays left in 2018?  This was an odd year as it seems to be going incredibly fast and slow at the same time and I am not sure how I feel about that. Can anyone relate to this? I have been planning my end of year vacation with fervour and also decided to write a blog post on my holiday destination as it is one of the countries we provide services to.

Officially known as the republic of Zambia, it is a landlocked country in South Central Africa neighbouring the DRC, Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Angola. The capital is Lusaka and Zambia are known for their robust mining industry. The key sectors in mining are Copper, Cobalt, Gold, Silver, Emeralds, Tourmaline, Amethysts and coal. They are ranked as the worlds 7thlargest exporter of copper and 2ndlargest export of Cobalt. Last month, the world’s biggest emerald was found in Zambia weighing a staggering 1.1 Kilograms and has is valued at 5655 carats which is being auctioned in Singapore.

Zambia’s most renowned feature would undoubtedly be Victoria falls. They share Vic falls with Zimbabwe and the locals refer to it as “Mosi-oa-Tunya” the smoke that thunders. While Vic Falls is only for tourists, the mining, power generation and telecoms industries do hire many expat contract workers and as long as one is qualified in terms of education and experience, they may apply for a work permit in Zambia.

I have created some FAQ’s and answers pertaining to working in Zambia as an Expat.

Can one work for a short- term period in Zambia?

Yes, they have a visa called a TEP (Temporary Employment Permit which is valid for 3- 6 months). The application is made in Zambia and takes 21- 30 days to process. The visa is issued for either 3 or 6 months at the discretion of the immigration department. This is ideal for short term projects.

I have an offer in Zambia, but I do not have a company to sponsor me.

Uniglo can provide sponsorship for your employment in Zambia as an employer of record. This includes work visa/permits applications under our partner entity in Zambia as well as monthly payroll and taxes.

What is the maximum period one can work in Zambia?

The maximum period a work permit is issued for is 2 years, although the immigration department are known to issue it for 6 or 12 months at their discretion. This is referred to as a work permit and the application is submitted in Zambia. The person may not be present in Zambia whilst the application is pending although one can apply for a waiver to remain in country while the work permit is pending.

Will I have to pay tax in Zambia?

Zambia does not distinguish between a resident and a non- resident; all persons working in Zambia are liable to pay tax regardless of whether you are there for 3 months or 2 years. One can pay a reduced tax amount if you are working on a short term- basis

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