South Africa – 11.2 changes

Happy Friday everyone. My name is Natasha and I would like to thank you for reading my first blog- I am hoping to cover an array of topics every Friday pertaining to Payroll and Mobility. As we have facilitated many applications to South Africa, I thought it would be best to use this as a starting point for my ramblings.
Most contractors coming to South Africa usually go the Temporary work visa route which is known as a section 11(2) Visa. The 11(2) visa is valid for 3 months only and the visa has to be extended in South Africa for an additional 3 months. While it is the norm to extend the visa for an additional 3 months , I have to make mention of a rogue SA Embassy (South Africa House London). They have been known to put the following information on the 11(2) visa: Only Valid for 3 months and may not be extended. If this is the issue, unfortunately the applicant may not extend his visa in South Africa, or apply for a second one at the embassy in London.

This visa is applied for at a Visa Facilitation Centre or one of the South African embassies in the applicant’s country of origin. Whilst they have a set list of documents, each Embassy varies slightly in their requirements and may request additional documents to substantiate the application.
The South African Embassy can be quite innovative by changing the requirements at the drop of a hat. The embassy in Mumbai has now requested that each document be certified by a notary. In addition to this they require a letter from the entity where they will be physically working to corroborate that there is a connection with the sponsoring company. The visa facilitation centre in Mumbai will not accept applications that do not meet the requirements.

The South African High Commission in New Delhi has not enforced such strict requirements and are not requesting additional documents or processes. There have been no noted changes elsewhere, however, due to South Africa’s penchant for not documenting changes, we always confirm with embassy if there have been any changes and update our clients accordingly.
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