Uniglo Financial is a highly professional firm offering a complete range of Accountancy, Payroll and work visa services for contractors. Furthermore our affordable financial solutions will reduce the overhead costs of the organisations due to the elimination of hiring specialized accountants. In addition our prompt and professional services results in companies outsourcing these services so that they are able to concentrate on their core activities.

We are served by qualified accountants and payroll consultants and as a result are committed to meet all accountancy, payroll, visa tax obligations within the given deadlines. Our staff have been in the industry for over 15 years we can demonstrate the value added benefit of working with a company like Uniglo Financial beyond recognition.

Advantages of using Uniglo Financial:

  • Same day set up for payroll – setting up online is very straightforward and you can start working with Uniglo Financial and begin sending your timesheets the same day
  • Contract administrations – we take care of all your administration needs so that you can concentrate on what you do best
  • Invoicing to your agency or client within one working day from receipt of your timesheet
  • We release payment to your account as soon as the funds clear our account
  • We facilitate 3 pay runs every day
  • Comprehensive expense claim system – £1m Professional Indemnity Insurance cover, £1m public liability, £5m Employers liability
  • Unlimited contractor support: you will have an account manager who will assist you as and when required
  • No starting or closing fees – you can terminate our services any time without any early termination fees
  • Easy joining and leaving procedures – our online system makes it simple for you to register and sign up. Our support team is always there to assist you

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